CARBOTHIX™ 2 is an instantly thickening, fast curing two-component silicate resin for sealing bolts.

This CFC- and halogen free product is designed specifically for use in drilled boreholes in underground mine and tunnel applications.

As an alternative to CARBOTHIX™, CARBOTHIX™ 2 is a pumpable grout helping water stopping.

It comprises of two components, component A, a special sodium silicate with additives and component B, a modified polyisocyanate.

After mixing the two components, the resin instantly achieves a grease-like viscosity level so that the mix stops flowing, even in large fissures, and requires pump pressure for displacement. The mix then hardens to form a hard resin.

The relatively low modulus of the resin, combined with high strength, provides a uniform transfer of local rock stresses over the whole length of the bolt rod.

Product Image
  • Fast acting
  • Stops water under high pressure
  • High strength
  • Sealing of steel or GFRP injection bolts
  • Sealing of roof bolts (“bolt into grout”)
  • Pumped by a dual component pump at the volumetric ratio of 1 : 1 and mixed thoroughly in a static mixer
  • CFC- and Halogen-free
  • Consistent grout quality

Product Options
  • CARBOTHIX™ 2 Component A and B - 16 litres in a can (green cap)
  • CARBOTHIX™ 2 Component A and B - 200 litres in a drum
  • CARBOTHIX™ 2 Component A and B - 1000 litres in a refillable container