Equipment and Accessories

We offer a wide range of product equipment and accessories to increase efficiency and productivity of your projects.

​The following products are available in this category:

Autorock™ Drill Rig

This patented double-clamping rig was designed for the safe and effective drilling and installation of rock bolts while offering built‐in temporary support.

CarboSolv Products

CarboSolv products are extremely efficient solvents that are widely used for the lubrication, degreasing and cleaning of the injection pumps and hoses in mining, construction and energy applications.

​Filtering Half Masks

​The Filtering Half Masks are an all-inclusive personal protective equipment products for the respiratory system, ready for immediate use.


Fosgel is a super absorbent synthetic polymer which, when added to water rapidly, forms a highly viscous gel.

Lokset Accessories

We provide a comprehensive range of auxiliary products for the fast and easy application of this innovative product.


Minova produces a wide range of pumps and pump accessories, to assist with application of pumpable grouts and resins in the mining, construction and energy sectors.

Super Turbo Bolter

Super Turbo Bolter is designed for the drilling and installation of roof bolts and long tendons in mining and construction applications.

Turmag Drilling Machine

The Turmag Drilling Machine is a hand-held rotary drill with sealed roller bearings and a pneumatic drive. It can be used with auger rods for dry drilling, or turbine scrolls for wet or air flush applications

Plystem Tamping Capsules

Plystem Tamping Capsules are shothole tamping capsules used during blasting to contain the explosive gases within the shothole, eliminating the possibility of gas ignition in the mine workings.

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