Lokset™ Resin Capsules

Lokset™ Resin is a two-component resin capsule used in mining and construction industries.

Lokset capsules are filled with a reinforced thixotropic polyester resin in one compartment and a catalysed mastic filler in the other, separated by a physical barrier. The rotation of the bolt during installation ruptures the capsule, shreds the skin and mixes the two components causing a chemical reaction and transforming the resin mastic into a solid anchor.

Product Image
  • Fast setting, easy to install
  • Customised set times & dimensions
  • Quick high-load transfer
Product Features
  • Easy to install, requiring no special injection equipment
  • Resistant to anchoring failure caused by blasting or vibration
  • Rapid anchoring of the bolt to the surrounding strata
  • High load transfers achievable almost immediately
  • Full column bonded bolts strongly resist the horizontal and lateral strata movement associated with convergence
  • Provides strength and rigidity to prevent sag
  • Acts as a reinforcement that clamps the individual strata layers into a single high strength beam
  • Effectively seals wet, dripping holes and in most cases eliminates deterioration of the hole and surrounding strata
  • Unaffected by sea or fresh water, mild acids, or mild alkali's
  • Immediately fixes rock bolts / anchors
  • Protects bolts from corrosion, can be used in wet /underwater conditions

Product Options
  • Capsules are packed into appropriate boxes according to their length, in quantities depending on their size
  • Boxes are stacked on pallets in quantities agreed with the customer
  • Capsules are marked with a symbol that specifies the capsule's dimensions, type of recipe and gelation time
  • Lokset™15 sec set-time capsules may be used as part of an approved “spin-to-stall” resin roof bolting system
  • A wide variety of accessories is available, including the Quick-Chem System, Resin Capsule Injector, Resin Capsule Retainers and Resin Capsule Parachutes