CARBO PUR20 is a high-grade dual-component polyurethane adhesive, water- and solvent-free. CARBO PUR20 is recommended for mosaic-, vertical lamella-, lam-, strip- and multi-layer parquet and also for solid planks and wood-block RE and WE.

Component A is a polyol filled with mineral substances and added processing aids. Component B is a polyisocynate on MDI-basis. After mixing the components, a creamy and easily spreadable adhesive is obtained. After 24 - 48 hours, the parquet adhesive is hardened to a tough, permanent elastic and hydrolysis-resistant adhesive.

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  • Facilitates rapid, secure working
  • Low emission values
  • Versatile - use on absorbent and non-absorbent layers
  • Suitable for surfaces with integrated floor heating
  • Designed to inhibit swelling of woods with high demands on adhesive techniques

Product Options
  • The components can be delivered in 0.75/1/6.2/11.5 l units.